Our Customer Charter

We understand that buying a new home is a big commitment, and our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to buy your dream home with us.

We are committed to delivering you a high-quality new home while ensuring a smooth and uncomplicated buying experience, all supported by exceptional customer service throughout every step of your journey. Our Customer Charter outlines the support we will provide you during your move and after you’ve settled into your new home.

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Provide a high-quality customer care service during and after the sale, as well as opportunity to leave feedback to help us continuously improve our services.

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Provide comprehensive information about the property you are purchasing, as well as guidance on the various choices and options available to you.

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Provide you with a Home User Guide to include useful tips to help you care for your new home, important maintenance, warranty and contact information.

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Invite you to meet the builder at the pre-plaster stage allowing you to see the structural elements of your new home and ask any questions you have.

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Provide you with as much information as we can regarding construction timelines, legal completion, and the handover of your new home.

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Extend an invitation for you to visit your new home before your move-in date, allowing us to provide a thorough demonstration of how everything works.

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Provide you with all the information you need about NHBC’s Buildmark Warranty and other warranties that you may benefit from.

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Ensure that you receive sufficient Health and Safety advice when visiting our development and after you’ve settled in.

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Ensure you are adequately prepared with key contacts to approach should you need help or advice after you have settled in.

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Endeavour to ensure all of our marketing and advertising complies with relevant laws and advertising codes.

Our Customer Service Charter complies with the requirements of the Consumer Code.

For further details, visit: www.consumercodeforhomebuilders.com


At Bowbridge we understand that buying a new home is a big commitment, and our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to buy your dream home with us.

That’s why we have a dedicated Sales Team that will be with you throughout your home buying journey. Our experienced Sales Advisors will guide you through the reservation process, assist with the legal side of things and keep you updated on the progress of your new home.

They will also let you know when it’s time to select your interior fixtures and fittings and help you to personalise your home from our exciting range of options so that everything is completed exactly as you want it when you are ready to move in.

This doesn’t end when we give you the keys to your beautiful new home; we provide a comprehensive handover and introduction to your new home and an ongoing Customer Care service that ensures peace of mind once you have settled in.

All of our homes are checked rigorously throughout the build and undergo a Quality Inspection Report to ensure that we are happy to give it the Bowbridge name, prior to each client handover. In addition to this, we also subscribe to the Consumer Code for Home Builders and provide an independent 10 Year Warranty, allowing you to have peace of mind that there will be no more worrying about that leaky gutter or faulty boiler for years to come.