The journey of a successful Silver Mentoring Programme with Para Show Jumper Evie Toombes organised by The Mintridge Foundation

Para Show Jumper Evie Toombes, has just finished mentoring two students from Robert Smyth Academy as part of the programme organised by The Mintridge Foundation and sponsored by Bowbridge Homes.

Evie helped both of her mentees to concentrate on the positives and to overcome challenges with their uncertainty at school or in their exams. The Para Rider worked with her mentees to focus on their mental well-being and provided tools for how to manage their stress levels and achieve goals in their future.

Read more about this brilliant inspirational programme with Evie Toombes here.

The Mintridge Mentoring Programmes are designed to inspire, develop and nurture young people. We also share those values when supporting young people and also the communities surrounding our developments. We are always keen to collaborate with our charity partners. The Mintridge Foundation assists young people of all ages, abilities and physical capabilities to develop confidence and resilience, and creates awareness of the importance of mental and physical wellbeing through sport.