Northdale Park


NORTHDALE PARK is a partnership between Bowbridge Homes and Snowdon Homes where it is our intention to not just build houses but establish a new community. A community is a living entity, which develops organically and is shaped by  each and every individual, couple and family living there. We hope Northdale Park will become just such a community – growing inmaturity over the years and blending with the bigger, vibrant community of Raunds itself to become an integral part of the town.


The many facets of Northdale Park, such as Northdale Common, the wildlife pond, the gently curving streets and the housing in and around Northdale Court, all introduce diverse elements, adding interest to the development, giving it character and promoting quality of life through a pleasant environment. The design and layout of Northdale Park incorporates many pockets of public green space to break up the street scenes and bring in areas for relaxation, dog-walking and play.

At Northdale Park we have brought together contemporary external designs and materials which sit perfectly within their environment, and internal layouts that are flexible and perfectly suited to the needs of the modern family. Northdale Park is set to grow into a great community for the future.


Raunds town centre is conveniently located close to Northdale Park, whilst easy access to the A45 and A14 offer an array of commuting options.


Rushden Lakes is just 10 minutes away. From big brand fashion to local independents, Rushden Lakes has something for everyone. Combining the great outdoors and lots of delicious places to eat, drink and relax.

  • The Avon

  • The Kinewell

    The Kinewell
  • The Nene

    The Nene
  • The Tove

    The Tove
  • The Leam

  • Views from The Stables

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